Peter Joucla              Artistic Director

Peter Joucla studied performing Arts at Middlesex University in London. He founded Tour De Force Theatre in 1996. As Artistic Director of the company, he has directed over forty English and French language productions, including the Ghosts of Poe, Huis Clos, L’Etranger, Pygmalion, Lacombe Lucien, 1984, An Inspector Calls and Le Petit Prince. Before setting up Tour De Force, Peter was a teacher and lecturer of music and theatre in colleges in England and Holland. He worked as musical director for Trestle Theatre Company and sang in a successful a cappella quartet known as 'The Dorian Blues.' He has directed a number of productions at the Edinburgh Festival and set up a youth theatre in Bedfordshire. In addition to his work as director, musical director and lecturer, Peter is a published writer and has produced a wide variety of stage works for young people.

Madeleine Bowyer      Associate Artist

Madeleine works as an actress as well as an Associate Artist of Tour de Force. Her recent projects include 'Black Mirror-National Anthem' for Channel 4 and 'Prisoners Wives' for Tiger Aspect. She is represented by Actors Alliance for her acting work. Madeleine works on the administrative, strategic and artistic aspects of Tour de Force and has been involved with the company since her first job for Tour de Force in 1996. She enjoys working on French and English shows having lived in both countries as a child. When not at work Madeleine very much enjoys rock climbing.

Karim Jabri      Administrator
Shana Mongwanga      Producer
The American Drama Group
the american drama group

ADG was formed by Ohio native Grantly Marshall in 1978 in the city of Munich. It was linked in the beginning to the University where the first performances were held. It expanded quickly to other theatres in Munich and also began to give guest performances in other German cities. The expansion was continued to include many countries in Europe and Asia. The goal of the American Drama Group Europe as a foreign language organisation is to perform in as many counties in the world as possible.

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