artistic policy

Tour De Force celebrates the diversity of our cultures and opposes discrimination. We believe that theatre can be a force for entertainment, education and above all for change.

The company seeks to work with people from all sections of the community, regardless of race, colour or sexuality. Tour De Force is committed to advertising its acting vacancies, to ensure that all performers, regardless of experience or influence, have the opportunity of working with us.

  • To bring together dynamic new creative talent
  • To produce innovative professional theatre for a wide range of audiences, both in the UK and abroad.
  • To initiate inclusive projects which enable all sections of the community to become involved in theatre and to be inspired by its potential to provoke, enrich and entertain.
  • To make our work accessible to children and young people.
  • To produce the best of French and English language work and tour it across the world.
  • To develop the role of music in conventional theatre and storytelling.

We believe that theatre can be a force for entertainment, education and above all for change.

education policy

As a professional touring theatre company we have rigorous standards for our work. We believe that children and young adults deserve the very best of theatre, they are our toughest critics. Some of our productions are aimed specifically at younger audiences, as for instance Jungle Book. Others are more suited to an older audience – such as language or drama students. We take care in making our theatre as inclusive as possible. Even if the play is in French, we want the whole audience to understand what is happening.


  • A performance in your own premises.
  • A Question and Answer session with the actors and director.
  • An Information Pack, including the show’s Script and the Production Notes.
  • Custom-designed Drama Workshops exploring with the director and actors the process of bringing classic stories to life.

We are keen to use the guidelines for achievement within the National Curriculum for the years and key stages of children and young adults we work with. We are guided by the National Curriculum Framework and Ofsted's guidance on the development of education within schools past age 16 and above.

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