Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling

2004-2005 season

In the jungles of Central India, a small boy crawls helplessly away as his parents are attacked by a ferocious tiger called Shere Khan. He is found by a pack of wolves and brought up as a cub along with the others. As he grows up, Mowgli, as he is named, learns the laws of the jungle and encounters many fantastic and thrilling adventures. He is kidnapped by unruly monkeys, and stalked by a vengeful tiger. He finds a sword laden with priceless jewels and goes on a dangerous mission to keep it out of the greedy, dangerous hands of his fellow men. During these adventures Mowgli befriends Bagheera the graceful black panther and Baloo the bear whilst remaining loyal to Akela, the wolf pack leader who saved his life.

Having been brought up by animals, Mowgli returns to man to be civilised, and we see through his eyes, how of laws based on nature compare with those created by Man. Kipling spent much of his life in India. His Jungle Book stories are literary classics, not only because they are beautifully written but more importantly because they allow us to share Kipling's unique insight into the social behaviour of animal species, their relationship to other species and to their jungle habitat. Although Kipling's Mowgli stories were written for young people, they nevertheless explore many universal themes such as loyalty, family, and the laws of nature and man.

Toured Germany in 2004

The Cast

Jorn Bjorn Fuller Gee
Richard Eckles
Rebecca Kenon
Ben Phillips
Alastair Straker

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