malphino collaboration

Malphino is a band that plays a heady mix of Latin American music - from Brazilian Forró to Colombian Cumbia via a variety of tropical rhythms and a nod of the hat to Italian film score. While based in London, members of Malphino hail from all corners of the world (including Japan, Malaysia, Réunion island and the Philippines).

The band usually comprises accordion, tuba, organ, gitane guitar and percussion but will often have guest instruments and vocals appearing in live performances.

The above is our 'sound' but below is how we see ourselves:
Our band is a conceptual music project based around an imaginary island called 'Malphino'.The islanders are immigrants from different places in the world and the island belongs to nobody and everybody belongs to the land.
With our music we hope to transport our audience to our beautiful island and the culture of 'Malphino' - the sunshine island of joy and spice!

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